Plaster specimens 2
Plaster specimens 3
Plaster specimens 1
Sea Creatures #20
Untitled sea fruits
Sea creatures #13
Untitled (Bonnard)
Sea creature #12
Adina & Nara
Untitled (gold landscape)
Sky trees
Small blue lake
Sea fruits #10
Becoming #102
Grief #10
Untitled (ink on paper) 5" x 5"
Sea fruits #11
Red and pink landscape
New world #31
New world- Mars Hill
Sun cloud dunes
Mob of sea stars
Magpie flurry
Shells (ink drawing print)
Takayna sun
Red pink gold
Dream tree
A hand full of bug eaten lily pads
Untitled (new world)
Cloudy Bay (detail)
New World #30 detail
Untitled (pink)
Beautiful Necessity (ovifera)
Beautiful Necessity (cretaceous)
New World #20
Sea creatures (rings)
sun clouds