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Have we just sold another piece of our soul?

With this question in mind, we move onward and upward.

July 19, 2024

“Somewhere we must come to see that human progress never rolls in on the wheels of inevitability. It comes through the tireless efforts and the persistent work of dedicated individuals…and without this hard work, time itself becomes an ally of the primitive forces of social stagnation.


So we must help time and realize that the time is always ripe to do right.” Martin Luther King 1968

Democrats snipe. Trump gloats.

July 12, 2024

While presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump prepares to host right-wing Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida, verbal sniping at President Biden escalates.


Negligent. Pig-headed. Old narcissist. This is how Atlantic writer Mark Leibowitz describes President Biden. Not a big F-ing deal anymore, is how George Clooney, an actor, describes his friend Joe Biden, behind his back in an op-ed piece in the New York Times. What a friend.


What I am seeing is the Democratic Party, its uber-wealthy donors, and corporate journalism making a grave mistake, stooping to name-calling and bullying. It's desperate, unseemly, juvenile. It’s Trumpian.  And they should be ashamed.


Clooney was right about one thing when he opined, “This is about age. Nothing more.” Except maybe the part about money... not wanting to bet his money on an old horse. Unlike most Americans, the French are not uncomfortable with old people being in charge. After a lengthy conversation with Biden at the NATO summit this week, President Emmanuel Macron said, “I saw as always a president who is in charge, clear on the issues he knows well… We all slip up sometimes. It's happened to me and it could happen again tomorrow. I would ask for your indulgence."


But we all know how most Americans struggle with complex existential issues, and the timing of this one couldn't be more detrimental. Only time will tell how this saga pans out. What side of history will you be on? 

Stay Awake Through the Revolution (MLK 1968)




July 8, 2024

Two [deceased] women in Australia diagnosed with CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) after suffering decades of domestic violence

Do we have to be dead for society to believe what some men are capable of? Do we have to be dead before there is radical change to protect women against domestic violence? 

Allies of Donald J. Trump are proposing that the United States restart the testing of nuclear weapons in underground detonations should the former president be re-elected in November. (New York Times July 5, 2024)


After calling last night's debate a disaster, Mother Jones journalist Inae Oh said, "I'm  considering voting for my toddler and his authoritarian rule over ice cream."  Does she realize she said that out loud? Spoken like a true thirty-something year old who finds it easier to joke about ageing than looking deeper.


All the chatter about Biden's presentation is more evidence that Americans are deeply rooted in ageism. It was bad enough watching a convicted felon, rapist, grifter bully his way through a Presidential debate with moderators lacking the chutzpah to call-out atrocious lies. Now we have journalists getting their licks in too?


We all know being President is not a one-person gig. It’s about leading a team that supports an ideal. No matter what Biden and the Democrats decide to do, after all is said and done, Americans are still facing the same questions: 


Why are we giving Trump a stage to spew vulgarity?

What kind of society do we want? One of substance and integrity or one lacking both?

This is where elected Christian nationalist politicians are headed in the US:

On Wednesday June 19, 2024, Gov. Jeff Landry of Louisiana signed legislation requiring the display of the Ten Commandments in every public classroom in the state.

“I can’t wait to be sued,” Mr. Landry said on Saturday at a Republican fundraiser in Nashville.  “If you want to respect the rule of law, you’ve got to start from the original law giver, which was Moses.”


Still Think Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) is a Moderate?


Naïve dupe or wolf in sheep’s clothing, either way, Sen. Susan Collins is not a good look for the State of Maine or women. Collins once again comes to Trump’s defense, criticizing his 34 counts of fraud prosecution as having “political underpinnings.” Kind of like the pot calling the kettle black, wouldn’t you say Susan?


Collins has been underpinning her entire political career claiming to be a moderate Republican, all the while beguiled by the likes of Donald Trump, Neil Gorsuch, and Brett Kavanaugh.


Time to wake up to Susan Collins. There’s no such thing as a moderate in the United States Senate... Republican or Democrat.

Screenshot 2024-06-18 at 8_edited.jpg

Who's more dangerous?
A MAGA Republican with a machine gun or 
an American who doesn't vote?

Photo: David Becker

Still Think Hillary Clinton is an Alarmist?

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Hillary Clinton once again is speaking frankly about the war against women and the existential struggle ahead. Are we ready to listen this time?

“Authoritarians, whether they be political or religious based, always go after women. It’s just written in the history. And that’s what will happen in this country. More people have got to wake up, because this is the beginning. They really want us to just shut up and go home. That’s their goal. And nobody should be in any way deluded. That’s what they will force upon us if they are given the chance.”

Clinton’s comments came in an interview about her forthcoming book, The Fall of Roe: The Rise of a New America.

(And another thing: Clinton was repeatedly referred to as Mrs. Clinton throughout the article. Not former U.S. Secretary of State Clinton. Not former Senator Clinton, or simply Clinton. When are journalists going to ditch the rule book that insists on using this 'honorific' that reduces women who happen to be married to ‘the little Missus’?)

The American Grifter and the Aussie Sycophant Who Loves Him


Religious zealot and former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison met with rapist cult-leader Donald Trump at his residence in Manhattan this week. Morrison, known in Australia as ScoMo, couldn’t resist bragging about his friendship with the infamous grifter by posting a photo of himself with Trump standing in front of gold-colored doors, arms touching, both smiling with shit-eating grins (Trump’s teeth are three shades whiter than Morrison’s).


Trump is flashing his self-aggrandizing adolescent thumbs-up. Is he affirming or mocking their bromance? Or is he referencing their private conversation about AUKUS, the defence pact between Australia, United Kingdom and the United States that Morrison helped engineer as Prime Minister in 2021?


Morrison said it was nice to catch up again with Trump, “especially given the pile on he is currently dealing with,” referring to Trump’s legal troubles. What comes to mind for many Australians, is the pile of money Morrison is piling on with his American connections. After resigning from politics, ScoMo was appointed vice chairman at American Global Strategies, a US consulting firm founded by Trump cronies Robert O’Brien and Alex Gray. Morrison is also on the advisory board of DYNE Maritime (along with Trump Secretary of State Mike Pompeo), a venture capital fund investing in security technologies directly related to the AUKUS pact.


Wednesday evening at the Australian embassy in Washington, DC, Morrison launches his new book, Plans for Your Good: A Prime Minister’s Testimony of God’s Faithfulness. Who in god’s name sanctioned that awkward-mouthful-of-gobbledygook title? Mike Pence? (He titled his autobiography So Help Me God, the same phrase my father used when us kids ran wild through the house.)


Oh, to be a fly on the wall at that soiree with the likes of Pompeo, Kellyanne Conway and Pence attending (Pence wrote the forward to Morrison’s book). My sympathies to AUS Ambassador Kevin Rudd for having to host and graciously put up with this crowd of corrupt phonies monetizing their pseudo-Christian valves. Recently, Trump called Ambassador Rudd “nasty” and “not the brightest bulb,” clues to just how respected and intelligent Rudd actually is. Ambassador Rudd is former Labor Prime Minister (twice), diplomat, and speaks fluent Mandarin, attributes Trump secretly envies. Especially the twice part.

Elegant Title

tree smudge 2_edited.jpg

We deserve an open state of mind that can relax with paradox and ambiguity.
                                 Pema Chödrön

International Women's Day?


In 1977, the United Nations General Council declared March 8 as International Women's Day. Forty-seven years on, the practice of female genital mutilation still exists in some countries of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, and within their diaspora. American women's reproductive rights have been stripped away. Across the globe, there is no equal pay for equal work for women. Domestic violence, rape and sexual harassment against women is still rampant.

March 8 is still no holiday for women.

Alexie Navalny_edited_edited.jpg

This is what we have to look forward to in the United States of America with another Trump presidency... A murderous authoritarian regime.

Photo: Paval Golovkin

Alekxei Navalny
1976- 2024

He had the fortitude, the balls, to challenge Donald Trump's friend, Russian President Vadimir Putin, in spite of multiple threats to his life. It was reported today, that Navalny died on February 16, 2024, while imprisoned in solitary confinement in a penal colony in the Arctic Circle. How he was murdered remains unknown.

Why are we only outraged when RAPE is used as a weapon of war?

It has ALWAYS been used in the WAR AGAINST WOMEN.

We all look up at the same moon

We all look up at the same moon

One more reason to keep Republicans out of office.


On January 25, 2024, in the Republican stronghold state of Alabama, Kenneth Smith, 58, was put to death by the novel method, nitrogen hypoxia (oxygen deprivation). Smith was 22 years old when he was convicted for his role in a murder-for-hire in 1988.


Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall, cavalierly told reporters that what occurred on Thursday night was textbook, and now a proven method many states will want to follow. The protocol for this new method of execution published by the state contained several redactions shielding key details from public scrutiny.


According to witnesses, Smith struggled against the restraints, convulsed, popped-up on the gurney repeatedly, heaved and gasped. Smith’s spiritual advisor Rev. Jeff Hood said it was the most horrible thing he had ever seen… Absolutely horrific. Experts and advocates in the US, the European Union and the United Nations, describe nitrogen hypoxia execution as ‘particularly cruel and unusual punishment’.

Inhumanity. One more reason to keep Republicans out of office.

Cormorant Garamond is a classic font with a modern twist. It's easy to read on screens of every shape and size, and perfect for long blocks of text.


Stay the course for democracy.

$83.3M won't stop him.

Fresh from his temper-tantrum walkout during the E. Jean Carroll defamation trial (which subsequently awarded her $83.3M), Trump bullied his way into the border debate in the US Senate, vanishing any hope of a compromise.


To get an accurate picture of what Americans have to look forward to with another Trump presidency, read the Jan/Feb issue of The Atlantic, entirely dedicated to What If, with 26 writers laying it on the line, starkly.


If that’s not enough to convince Americans to do whatever is necessary to keep Biden in the White House and Republicans out of office, check out what Trump’s ultra-right wing henchmen from Wisconsin are saying this week during abortion-rights debate:


Rep. Ron Tusler (R-Wis.) cited biblical figures, Elizabeth 90yo, Sarah 88yo, and Mary 14yo, alleging they were rightly forced to carry pregnancies despite their age or circumstance. Do we laugh, cry, or buckle down and stand up to these narrowminded, misogynist beliefs paraded as fact?


And, self-proclaimed expert Rep. Joel Kitchens (R-Wis.), said that his career as a veterinarian made him the most qualified person in the room to comment on women’s reproductive systems and ethics of abortion. He said this with a straight face. An animal doctor. With a penis, not a womb.


Stay the course for democracy.

Trump is the problem.

The Republican Party is the problem.

Photo: Jeannie Mooney/ Scrim (opaque until lit from behind)

This is how Australia deals with gun violence:

January 8, 2024 - Olympic shooting gold medallist Michael Diamond's 10-year gun licence ban is upheld. The tribunal judgement stated:


"Even if I were to accept genuine remorse and commitment to reformed behaviour, the tribunal cannot ignore the applicant's history. The weight of that history is such that it cannot be overcome by a recent period of mentoring, counselling and training."


The tribunnal found that reinstating Michael Diamond's firearm licence would not be in the public interest.

her grave 2002_edited.jpg

Photo: Jeannie Mooney

Giovanni Anselmo

August 5, 1934 - December 18, 2023


"The invisible is the visible that can't be seen."

Giovanni Anselmo


Sweet home Alabama...

where the skies are so ominous


20 September 2023

While comedian and conspiracy theorist Russell Brand is making excuses for sexually assaulting women (“…I was very very promiscuous…”), and sexual assaulter Donald Trump instructs fellow Republican candidates how to campaign against a womans right to her own body, something cruel and unusual slipped under the radar in Alabama.


Prison officials there are getting ready to try out an experimental execution protocol: Nitrogen gas asphyxiation. After botching several executions by lethal injection, Alabama (along with Mississippi and Oklahoma) is adopting this even more inhumane punishment, a protocol deemed unacceptable for euthanizing animals by the American Veterinary Medical Association, citing occurrence of panic, pain and severe physical distress before dying. There are one hundred and sixty men and five women prisoners in solitary confinement in Alabama, some for decades, awaiting execution.


To really shake yourself awake, look into US Supreme Court shadow dockets, where conservative supermajority opinions are lifting stays of execution without fanfare, without signatures, and without explanation. This is where cruelty and a dwindling sense of decency really show up loud and clear.

Photo: Jeannie Mooney

Daniel Ellsberg.jpeg

Daniel Ellsberg
Truth-teller to the very end

Photo: Donal F. Holoway / NYT 

Screenshot 2023-06-15 at 1.21.04 pm.jpeg

Cut from the same cloth 

15 June 2023

This week as ultra right-wing Christian empire builder Pat Robertson stood at the pearly gates awaiting his sentence, former US President and sexual assaulter Donald Trump was arrested and arraigned before a federal judge in Florida.

On Thursday, I thought of Robertson’s cold dead hands reaching out at the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting in New Orleans, where delegates of the second-largest Christian group in the US, approved an amendment to their constitution stating that only men may hold positions as pastor or elder as qualified by Scripture. Five churches with women-led pastors were ejected from the Christian group within the last year.

Robertson and Trump both have the look of mild mannered neighborly politicians while spewing incendiary statements couched in God, chuckles and smirks, both making billions off the backs of the poor working class.

Back in the summer of 1992 (when Trump was entertaining Jeffery Epstein at Mar-A-Lago), Robertson wrote a letter to his constituents in the Christian Coalition warning them of the evils of passing an Equal Rights Amendment, calling it “a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians." (NYT 08/26/1992)


Sound familiar?

(Photos: AP / White House)

Screenshot 2023-05-20 at 9.11.08 am.jpeg

   Empire builder                Character builder

   Photos:  Afanador/Sports Illustrated   Watts/ NYTimes

Staying silent_edited_edited.jpg

Staying silent does not work.



One of my most vivid memories of being raped is feeling his weight on top of me. How many of us are seething with emotion witnessing E. Jean Carroll fighting for her life under the weight of Trump and his lawyer Tacopina? It’s excruciating, but we hang in there. We do this for ourselves, like Jean said, to get our life back.


This morning I read the article, Is Anyone Really Listening to E. Jean Carroll? by Inae Oh in Mother Jones. Every one of us who deeply identifies with the moxie it takes to come forward is listening. Jean knows she has nothing left to lose from speaking up and everything to gain by talking back. 

Browbeating no longer intimidates us.

There’ll be no more ‘good little girls’ who don’t talk back.

We now have Jean to thank for that.


But the questions remain, why are so many of us unfazed by men’s continuing history

of brutalizing women, and what are we willing to do to change it?

When women were themselves

This photograph captures one of those serendipitous moments that sticks with you. Do we all have guardians looking after us? Are we more than our minds and our bodies?

I'm reading Kelly Barnhill's novel When Women Were Dragons and it's taking me back to my own girlhood and beyond. In my 30's, I realized the last time I was truly myself was when I was 10 years old. Now in my 60's, I still find myself backtracking, reclaiming and reassuring myself. One of my favorite lines from Barnhill's book says it all: "All truth I had to discover myself."


jelly 2 copy (1)_edited.jpg

Beautiful necessity

8 February 2023

It was uncomfortable watching Marjorie Taylor Green last night hollering "Liar!" during President Biden's State of the Union address. I've been that angry before. Not recently and never with a dead alpaca around my neck.

It was difficult watching Sarah Huckabee Sanders delivering her divisive propaganda with such composure. This role model of womanhood explains why so many of her ilk dislike Hillary Clinton. 

In Australia, politicians and racist citizens are still arguing whether Aboriginal people should have the right to self-determination.

In Turkey, my friend Rose and her family are safe but heart-broken by the massive loss of life and hardship facing thousands of Turks and Syrians affected by the earthquakes.

Swearing at the screen and taking pro-active steps isn't always enough to ease that overwhelming feeling of powerlessness in the face of utter discordance. But I can tap into the collective conscience of the world, the beautiful necessity, and string together an abundance of peace to sustain me.

Nana & Aunt Margaret.jpeg

20 December 2022

State of affairs for women today:


In Australia, Tanya Raffoul, a Liberal party hopeful from Paramatta  NSW, is told by party members she is “too aggressive” and advised that she “settle down and have children” instead of running for parliament.


Iranian artist Elham Modaresi is being “psychologically tortured and withheld medical care” in Karaji’s Kachoui Prison near Tehran, accused of “sinning, being a slut and propagating against the regime”.


In Britain, ousted television presenter Jeremy Clarkson tweeted he “will be more careful in future”, after targeting Megan Markle, Duchess of Sussex in his column in The Sun newspaper. Clarkson wrote that he “hated her on a cellular level”, among other misogynist vindictives.


ABC (AUS) reports that lawyers representing “a boy”, one of seven “boys and young men” accused of raping two “women” in a carpark in Adelaide AUS, are presenting video footage in an attempt to raise questions about lack of consent.


In addition to this all-too-common attempt by perpetrators to justify raping girls and women, the ABC shows its own bias by describing the perpetrators, ages 17-23, as boys and young men, but the 18 and 19 year old victims as women. There is no place in news reporting for this type of not-so-subtle bias that misconstrues the power dynamic of rape.

And then there's Harvey Weinstein. In Los Angeles, after nine days of deliberation, a jury of his peers found him guilty of rape and sexual assault for the umpteenth time, but not guilty on three counts, and acquitted on one. Despite overwhelming evidence that Weinstein is a sexual predator, one of his lawyers Mark Werksman had the audacity to describe Jennifer Siebel Newsom, as "just another bimbo who slept with Harvey Weinstein to get ahead." Weinstein was found not guilty of raping Ms. Siebel Newsom. 


In response to the outcome of the trial, Ms. Siebel Newsom said, "This trial was a stark reminder that we as a society have work to do. To all survivors out there --- I see you, I hear you, and I stand with you." Ditto.


Amidst the not-so-good news, a ray of light:


In my home state in the US, Maine Congressional delegate Chellie Pingree embraced the House Jan. 6 committee’s referral of Trump to the Justice Department for criminal prosecution, saying, “If we fail to hold Donald Trump to account, the threats to democracy will only grow.” Right on, Chellie.

Women like Chellie Pingree of Maine and Liz Cheney of Wyoming, join the long line of women who stand up to misogyny and suppression. In the background photo taken around 1905, my grandmother Mary Agnes Shaughnessy Mooney (on your right) is standing next to her sister Margaret Shaughnessy, shortly after Nana arrived in America from County Galway Ireland. She travelled alone across the Atlantic and met up with her older sister in Bangor, ME. She was 20 years old.


(Compiled from ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) / Bangor Daily News/ New York Times/ personal photo)

Hold _edited.jpg


 Leftover yarn, one stitch leads to another until it   becomes something.

E. Jean Carroll.jpeg


...Slow and steady...

In 2019, ABC (Australian broadcasting) journalist Leigh Sales interviewed E. Jean Carroll about her book What Do We Need Men For: A Modest Proposal. Answering a question about Donald Trump sexually assulting her in a changing room at Bergdorf Goodman department store, Carroll made a gesture indicating there was only a tiny mention of him in her book.


With so few victories for survivors of sexual assult, let us momentarily indulge in the humble double entendre.

Photo: ABC 7:30 Report

Leaving Casco Bay ME August 2022_edited.jpg

Leaving Casco Bay

Maine US August 2022

This painterly photograph captures my mood as I was leaving Maine, returning to Tasmania...calm amidst ripples, dark around the edges with some brilliant highlights. It appears to be a painting, but it's real life.

Penobscot Bay Searsport Maine July 2022_edited_edited.jpg

Penobscot Bay Maine US July 2022



Harry E. Reed Insurance.jpeg

Racism in Maine, US

Nothing changes if

nothing changes.

Ku Klux Klan Rally

88 - HH - Heil Hitler

Rumford, ME 1987

(Photo: Jeannie Mooney)



Harry E. Reed Insurance Agency

We're Closed

Millinocket, ME US 2022

(Photo: Lisa Groelly)



17 May 2022 In the Studio

I was listening to some of Seal's music the other day when I was driving to the hardware store. I'd forgotten not only how beautiful his melodies are but the cover art for his albums/cds are just as striking. Remember the glistening jet black bird-like image of him floating in space beneath the one-word title SEAL? Gorgeous.

A few days later I was sitting at my desk looking through some old Australian Geographics when an article and images about marine life caught my eye. As it happens, I started tinkering with pencil and ink on watercolor paper. It didn't don on me until just now when I uploaded this image and started thinking about seals that Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel had infiltrated my psyche, floated back into my consciousness and settled in my right brain. I love it when this dynamic happens.

At the moment, I'm glancing to my right looking at an old Christmas card my mother sent me back in 2011. It's standing open on the altar next to her photo. It's a bird's-eye-view painting of two children making snow angels. It reminds me of a black & white Polaroid picture she took of us kids back in the 1960's. I'm pretty sure that snapshot floated up from her psyche too when she picked out this card.

7 wht seals.jpeg

14 May 2022

There's a lot going on in our world today that needs attention, but tonight in my little world my attention is to twilight. In need of restoration, I am looking up, taking some good deep breaths and feeling the cool ground enveloping my body. 

8 May 2022 751PM  copy_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Gayle Potter

The Epidemic of
Domestic Violence
Against women continues


Gayle Potter.

Remember her name.

April 28, 2022 - In 2018, Victoria AUS mother of three children Gayle Potter was killed when her ex-husband Glenn Martyn ran over her and dragged her under his vehicle in front of her home. Yesterday he was cleared of all charges relating to her death.

Not guilty of manslaughter.

Not guilty of dangerous driving causing death.

Not guilty of failing to stop after an accident.


According to court documents, when Martyn was confronted by his son, he told him he only "bumped' her as he drove off.


Glenn Martyn knowingly bumped Gayle with his 4000lb vehicle and a judge and jury still found him not guilty of failing to stop and help her.


When Martyn was confronted by his daughter telling him, "You f***ing killed her," he responded, "Don't be stupid!"


During the trial Martyn's lawyer Peter Morrissey said, "It was dark... He thought he ran over a pot-hole... Ms Potter went at him... She'd been drinking... Really it was Gayle Potter who caused it [her death] by her acts."


A Supreme Court judge and jury of 12 people sided with Martyn's defence of not guilty of all charges.

Gayle Potter.

Remember her name.


Photo: 9News



Michael Slater, former AUS cricketer

Domestic Violence Charges Dismissed

April 27, 2022 - On Wednesday, just hours before Sydney court Magistrate Ross Hudson dismissed domestic violence charges against former AUS cricketer and sports commentator Michael Slater, he was accused of assaulting another woman at a Manly, NSW unit.

In October 2021, Slater was charged with stalking, menacing, intimidating and harrassing a former partner.


In December 2021, Slater breached an AVO which Magistrate Hudson deemed "not too serious" to be dealt with under mental health legislation. Hudson stated that Slater's barage of sexually harassing texts and phone calls,"appears to be a cry for help." Slater was granted bail and a minimum of three weeks in a mental health unit.

"I am of the view that it's better to treat the cause rather than the consequences."Magistrate Hudson said yesterday, ordering Slater to a 12-month treatment plan under the care of a doctor. The ABC reports Slater has been diagnosed with depressive disorder, alcohol addiction, borderline personality disorder and ADHD.


When are these mental health conditions acceptable excuses for dismissal of other violent crimes?

To Magistrate Hudson I say, cause and consequences go hand in hand. There is no possibility of healing for domestic violence abusers and certainly no justice for their victims when there are no consequences for stalking, menacing, intimidating and assaulting women. Those of us dealing with the same mental health issues as Slater can tell you that you do him no favours by dismissing consequences for abusive violent behaviour against women, because he had a manic day.


Will Slater's victims be compensated and given justice as part of his treatment plan?

Until magistrates, lawyers, police and polititians stop enabling men to abuse women by dismissing charges of domestic violence in lieu of bail and lighter sentences to rehabs and mental health units, there will be no slow-down in the incidents of violence against women. We will continue to see men like SLater get away with abuse, re-offend and take no personal responsibility for their actions.

We will continue to see women carry the full burden of domestic violence living in fear of intimidation and re-abuse.

It is an injustice not only to women but to the entire society when there is more concern shown for the "unravelling of the mental health" of the abuser than for the well-being and mental health of the abused.


Why is an abusers assumed "cry for help" more worthy of compassion than a woman's right to safety and accountability from her abuser?

Slater's lawyer James McLoughlin indicated previously that if his client failed to respect the conditions of Magistrate Hudson's order regarding the October 2021 charges, he would plead guilty to all charges. This did not happen. Slater and his cadre of protectors are not men of their word nor are they willing to make any effort to stand up to the culture of toxic masculinity and violence against women. They appear to be feeding us the same old serving of dismissives women have endured for centuries.

Retribution may be slow in coming, but the truth always surfaces.



"A tiny grain of truth is more powerful than a huge illusion."


(words of Yoko Ono during a lecture at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Detroit MI, US, 1993)

photo: Joel Carrett

Michael Slater photo_ Joel Carrett_edited.jpg


Cuba Gooding Jr. Actor

Serial sexual abuser & alleged rapist

April 13, 2022 - Cuba Gooding Jr., serial groper, accused rapist and born-again Christian, was granted a no-jail deal for pleading guilty to one count of misdameanor forcible touching, instead of the criminal charge of sexual abuse, for grabbing a woman’s breast at a bar in Manhattan. His sentence: Six months in rehab.


“I apologize for ever making anybody feel inappropriately touched,” Mr. Gooding said, adding that he was a “celebrity and doesn’t want anyone to feel slighted.”


More than 30 women have come forward accusing Gooding of ‘not slighting them’. In October 2019, the office of Manhattan D.A. Cyrus Vance Jr. introduced 12 examples of alleged misconduct by Gooding, ranging from 2001 to 2018 in LA, NYC, Dallas and Albuquerque, among others. Video evidence of Gooding covertly pinching a women’s bottom in a bar is in the public realm. Gooding’s lawyer Mark Heller describes the accusations as “overreactions to commonplace gestures now mischaracterized as offensive.”


To Gooding and Heller I say, your time will come. In the meantime, keep your hands off our bodies and grow up.

"Our voices are stronger than your lies." (

(Photo: Alec Tubak)

26 Mar 2022 AM up back_edited.jpg

Hand-painted morning

7:30 AM 26 March 2022

For the first time since last fall, a cool mist hovered over the back paddock as I headed out for a morning stroll. Walking between the trees this morning felt like entering a portal to a pastel painting.

(AP Photo: Emilio Morenatti

War. What is it good for_ (AP photo)

confirm humanity

(AP photo: Emilio Morenatti

Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 7.53.12 am.jpeg
pollen overload


Back to the real issue

In 2017, ABC journalist Russell Jackson made an observation about former Australian tennis great Margaret Court who fell from grace with her support for apartheid and her vociferous criticism of LGBTQI rights, that could now apply to Novak Djokovic. For better or worse, he is the principal architect of his own image.


Now, back to the real issue… Keeping the pressure on the Morrison government to free all asylum seekers who have been imprisoned for almost 10 years. STAND UP. SPEAK UP. SHARE THEIR STORIES.


Photo: The Guardian

Screen Shot 2022-01-15 at 8.22.53 am (1).jpeg

Tennis anyone?

While Novak Djokovic is whinging about not being able to stay in Australia to play tennis, more than 30 refugees are being 'detained' in the same Park Hotel in Melbourne. While Djokovic has been cruising around the world playing tennis, hanging out with war criminals and spreading COVID-19, asylum seekers have been moved from one detention center to another, some for more than nine years.

The Australian government's inhumane treatment of refugees is not news to Australians. Prime Minister Scott Morrison proudly displays a trophy of a boat on his desk titled I Stopped These as a reminder of the cruel immigration policy fashioned by former PM Tony Abbott and himself then Immigration Minister... A policy that turns back boatloads of refugees seeking political and humanitarian asylum in Australia... A country populated by more than 50% permanent residents, like myself, born in another country.

Humanitarian asylum seeker Mehdi Ali imprisoned inside the Park Hotel, tweeted 13 January, "To all the people who have been asking me how they can help: Raise our voices. Talk about us and share our stories. Call your local MP. And pray for us. I'm protesting by speaking out. Please protest with me."


Photos: The Guardian, Treatment, Getty

Screen Shot 2022-01-15 at 8.33.17 am.jpeg
Screen Shot 2022-01-15 at 8.36.01 am.jpeg
Screen Shot 2022-01-15 at 8.33.17 am (1).jpeg



If nothing changes, nothing changes.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 2.45_edited.jpg

If nothing changes, nothing changes.


What is it good for?

While Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia and other conservative Democratic and Republican Senators complain about the US deficit, holding up passage of the Buy Back Better Bill, now on the back burner, they had the temerity to pass a $768 billion National Defense Authorization Act, funding US military for one year. That’s $25 billion more than the proposed budget asked for.


As tornado alley widens across the country, and more and more Americans collapse from mental exhaustion and gunshots, will we continue to allow elected officials to steer our society straight to hell in a hand basket? Can mutual devastation and grief bring our hearts and minds together? Is it possible? Is it too late?

(altered stock photo)

hell in a hand basket_edited.jpg
A hand full of bug eaten lily pads

Be in the Moment

Speak up.
Speak out.

When one of us loses the right to choose what we do with our own body, we all lose the right to choose.

Supreme Court Justices.jpeg

Chief Justice Amy Coney Barrett

You chose to have five children with your husband and adopt two. What about your daughter's rights to choose?

Keep your hands off their bodies and their right to choose.

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Chief Justice Brett Kavanaugh


Your wife chose to have two children with you. What about your daughter's rights to choose? It remains to be seen if you greased the truth when you told Sen. Susan Collins that Roe v. Wade was 'set'.

Keep your grubby hands off their bodies and their right to choose.

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John Roberts.jpeg

Chief Justice John Roberts

Your wife chose to adopt two children with you. What about your daughter's right to choose?

Keep your hands off her body and her right to choose.

Chief Justice Neil Gorsuch

Your wife chose to have two children with you. What about your daughter's rights to choose? 

Keep your hands off their bodies and their right to choose.

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Chief Justice Samuel Alito

Your wife chose to have two children with you. What about your daughter's right to choose?

Keep your hands off her body and her right to choose.

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Chief Justice Clarence Thomas

Your first wife chose to have one child with you. Your second wife chose to have no children with you.

Keep your grubby hands off my body and my right to choose.

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La Nina climate pattern

Walking in the rain
13 November 2021

I love wandering around the land on a rainy day coming across vignettes of flora dampened with color. I've gotten used to our dry sclerophyl landscape but when it rains everything becomes so verdant I'm transported back home to the Maine woods. The weather forecast says 10 more days of rain, most likely continuing off and on all summerlong. 

Sea Creatures

Tinkering in the Studio

22 October 2021

I love it when surprising things happen in the studio when I have no plan, no intention, just going with the flow. This painting began with the floating elongated 'S' in the center left. This little branch-like figure shows up quite often in my drawings. I think it's an imprint from looking at all the eucalyptus branches around our house, so many of them are curved into unique shapes.

This playful underwater scene has inspired a book collaboration with my grandniece Maddie, also a writer and artist.

pink sea whale_edited_edited.jpg

SpringSpring in Tasmania

Drawing the earth Abol Stream 2004

Drawing on the ground
Up the Golden Road Maine 2001



Ready for a fight?

Now you've really pissed us off

Brett Kavanaugh (accused rapist), Amy Coney Barrett (cunning misogynist) and all you haters in Texas... (And Susan Collins & Lisa Murkowski: Shit or get off the pot. Are you pro-abortion or not? No more pussy-footing around ladies!)


You think sexual harassment pisses us off? We're just getting started. Remember these Texans who stood up to misogyny. We're everywhere, we're organized, and we're angry.

Sen. Barbara Jordan

Sen. Wendy Davis

Gov. Ann Richards

Activist Emma Tenayuca

(Photos: AP / Eric Boman / Pam Francis / San Antonio Light)

In the studio

21 August 2021

Wondering where this will lead...

Jeannie's painting desk


17 August 2021

I found this chunk of sedimentary sandstone while on my morning walk up back, looking like the paintings I did in June. Back in the 1970's I remember reading something by Shakti Gawain talking about these numinous moments that indicate all is right with your world.

New world rock.jpeg

minimal title

Paradigm shift in progress.

Stay awake for the revolution.

11 August 2021

Anita Hill

Andrea Constand

Christine Blasey Ford

Tarana Bourke

Anita Hill Andrea Constand Christine Blasey Ford Tarana Burke.jpeg

minimal title

AP photo compilation

Virginia Giuffre
Lindsay Boylan


Virginia Giuffre & Lindsay Boylan_edited.jpg

Grace Tame
Brittany Higgins


(Photos: Evan Agostini, Matt Rourke, Saul Leob, Miranda Barnes, AP Photo compilation, Tasmanian Times, ABC News)

Grace & Brittany.jpeg
Monday 9 August 2021
Small delicate everlasting

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo

One Man's Meat

5 August 2021

The unfortunate title of E.B. White’s collection of essays mentioned in my previous post (One Man’s Meat), took on sordid meaning this morning after I listened to NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo attempting to defend his honor in the face of multiple accusations of sexual harassment, a statement CNN political commentator SE Cupp describes as ‘a masterclass in gaslighting’.


I wondered what E.B. White might have to say about this governor of his home state if he were alive today. I thumbed through his book and found his essay The World Tomorrow, about his experience at the 1939 World’s Fair in Queens, NY, coincidentally the birthplace of Andrew Cuomo. He sums up the Fair’s theme, man’s dream of tomorrow, as  “… a contradiction and an enigma, the biologist peeking at bacteria through a microscope, the sailor peeking at the strip queen through binoculars”. He goes on to describe a scene in the honky-tonk section of the Fair, a giant robot with enormous rubber hands groping the breasts of two girls sitting on its lap.


At the end of White’s essay, he laments the strange concoction that makes up the Fair. “… The heroic man, bloodless and perfect and enormous, created in his own image, and in his hand the literal desire, the warm and living breast.”


During Cuomo’s televised statement, he is looking directly into the camera telling us he wants us to fully understand the truth. He waltzes through 15 minutes of self-aggrandizing, culminating in a pseudo-apology saying he was sorry for bringing his personal experience into the workplace. He’s referring to his propensity of touching and kissing everyone… even strangers, he said. “This is something I learned from my mother, and my father”.


To illustrate his point, Cuomo ran a slideshow showing himself  kissing, hugging and fondling the faces of the masses, accompanied by his synchronized voiceover. E.B. White described similar behavior back in 1939 as peculiarly lascivious.


Don’t worry about being misunderstood Governor. A man willing to drag his parents from their graves to legitmize his illegal behavior speaks loudly and clearly. Every woman who has ever been man-handled, groped, pinched, slobbered on, patted, leered at and squeezed by men, fully understands who you are.

(Photo: NBC News)

view from work studio.jpeg

Writer's view

2:20 pm 4 August 2021

Several years ago while visiting my friend Colleen on Vinalhaven in Maine, I was lucky enough to find a discarded copy of E.B. White's book One Man's Meat at the town dump. On the cover is one of my favorite photographs: Jill Krementz' photo of White in his studio in Brooklin ME, sitting at a small wooden desk adjacent to a large open window with a view of Eggemoggin Reach beyond Penobscot Bay. E.B. is sitting on a simple wooden bench with a small wooden-barrel for a trash can nearby, typing on a manual typewriter. He's wearing comfortable clothes, glasses, a watch and white socks.


At my workplace in Tasmania, my wooden desk faces a wall with a large (6'x6') window above it. During quiet times, I can stop and look up and see snow on kunanyi, storms approaching from the northwest, white cockatoos flocking and a grove of casurinas swaying. 

looking with fresh eyes_edited.jpg

Looking with fresh eyes

8 am 28 July 2021

I started this piece several years ago and recently pulled it off the 'in process' shelf. Its history began in my studio in Maine. One night during a full moon, I placed the bare cloth under a patch of yew bushes beside the Kenduskeag Stream that runs alongside the studio.


So it began imbued with moonlight, then moving to Tasmania it became imbued with charcoal from the clearfelled burned rainforest. The two small square pieces were added a few years is a particular boulder I used to see every time I went up the Golden Road outside Millinocket in northern Maine. The other one is a canary in a cage referencing a canary in a coal mine.

Everything I need seems to pop up in my work (and life) just at the right time. I had a birthday this month. I've been thinking and meditating on adapting to change and looking with fresh eyes. The older I get, the more of a necessity this becomes.

Seeing with fresh eyes. Over and over again. I'm more in love with this piece than I was the first time the images popped out from the wax and charcoal back in 2001. I have more confidence in my ideas these days, and I'm more willing to adapt to change.

in the studio

Lingering in the studio

6:30 pm 20 June 2021

Today was a glorious winter day in southeastern Tasmania...bright sunshine with a nip in the air wafting with the smells of moist dirt, eucalyptus and toadstools. I caught sight of a flock of spotted pardalotes whooshing through gum tree branches.

In the studio moving from one project to another, I was in the flow... Painting with ink & crayon... sketching leaves and branches... making notebook covers. Sipping hot lemonade from my little Hepburn cup with 'dollop handles'... Yo-Yo Ma and murder mystery podcasts in the background.


And, I finally settled on a simple design for the outdoor shower enclosure: 1965 mod-print fabric hung from a string of fairy lights.

sun clouds

Sun clouds

2:18 pm 21 May 2021

It's Fall here in Tasmania in the southern hemisphere. It's 70˚F sitting here in the sun and feels just like a Spring day in Maine, US, minus the blackflies. If I was there I'd be up the Stud Mill Road, probably walking barefoot in the middle of Hunter Brook, wearing a wide-brimmed hat covered with netting tucked into a long-sleeved high-collared shirt. At the moment, I'm barefoot wearing a muumuu and a wide-brimmed hat blocking the sun's glare while I write.


We've had lots of rain lately filling our two 24k litre water tanks and greening up the paddock nicely. Fall here really is like a Maine Spring making it impossible for my brain to flip hemispheric seasons... as if it matters.

The clouds are fantastic this time of year. On my way home from work around 3:30 in the afternoon, I usually stop at our local IGA situated on Ralph's Bay with a 180˚ view of uninterrupted sky. You can't help stop and stare... a slow time-lapse movie right before your eyes. Try it for yourself.

sketching on the back porch

Specimen sketching

8 May 2021

Setting up outside is one of my favorite ways of loosening up my drawing and painting. There's something about being outdoors, facing the outside wall of the studio that focuses my attention but keeps it loose at the same time. I don't aim for exact rendering of a specimen... I just go with the flow and see what happens. I have hundreds of what I call specimens... sticks, shells, rocks, bits and pieces of bark, bone, metal...whatever catches my eye. I love that feeling of being amazed by what I've just drawn... how my hand and my brain and my heart work together and come up with something mysterious but familiar

2 April 5_35pm  in the studio

In the studio

2 pm 12 April 2021

It seems like no matter how large the work table or desk, I always end up using a space not much larger than the piece I'm working on. I like close boundaries and having lots of materials close at hand. 

5 April 2021 5_12pm


4:48 pm 6 April 2021

Sometimes while I'm doing dishes looking out the kitchen window, if I squint just right, the sunlit grasses look like snowfields. I've been living in Tasmania since 2004 and I still miss a good northern hemisphere winter. In June, I can see snow atop kunyani, the 5000' mountain overlooking Hobart, but nothing compares with an evening walk on a country road in Maine, snowflakes falling through streetlight glow



5:35 pm 5 April 2021

I start my day sitting on the back porch looking out into a thicket of wattle trees, gums, blonde grasses and bird baths. The L - shaped deck connects the house with the studio. There are two comfortable chairs, a daybed and two low tables usually stacked with books and a scattering of seashells, rocks and sticks.


Sometimes I sit in a favorite chair I found on the side of the road in Flagstaff Gully. She's a 1960's era red naugahyde easy chair with delicate legs. It's just me and the birds at first light, half an hour before the sun comes up. This quiet time helps set the pace for the day and reminds me that today is the day...

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