Golden tree

I live in Tasmania, Australia and Maine, US. I make  abstract paintings, photographs and mixed media pieces. I crochet too... meditation rugs, stoles, biomorphic forms. Like many creative people, I'm curious and I like working with my hands. I work in the studio every day, mentor other artists and teach workshops where I encourage protégés to stay true to the validity of their own ideas.

My deepest insights are rooted in personal everyday experiences. Catching a glimpse of a raven's feet tucked beneath her as she swoops overhead reminds me of the fleeting nature of circumstance and beauty.

Noticing hesitation in a young Marine's voice when I question her about being deployed to Afghanistan, forces me to not avert my eyes in the face of human frailty and contradiction.

Lying on the ground looking up at the night sky my thoughts wander to the infinite and the whole. When I pay attention to these quiet moments that link my  humanity with the natural world, I come face to face with the profound mystery of the universe.

Everything I make is an attempt to reveal a tiny grain of this truth.

Jeannie Mooney

April 2021